Men's EXT® Hair Regrowth At Home Treatment Kit

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Your at-home treatment is comprised of HairClub's five-step system consisting of shampoo, cleanser, conditioner, supplements, and a rejuvenator, which contains Minoxidil. Minoxidil is the only FDA approved ingredient clinically proven to regrow hair and slow further loss. In a third-party observational study, more than 63% of male participants found Minoxidil to be effective or highly effective in hair regrowth.

Each kit contains your monthly supply of:


▷EXT® moisturizing cleanser (10 oz.)

▷EXT® moisturizing conditioner (10 oz.)

▷Enzyme cleanser (8 oz.)

▷Revitalizing complex (8 oz.)

▷Minoxidil (5% for Men)


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  • How to use the Men's EXT® Hair Regrowth At Home Treatment Kit?


    Step 1. Cleanser •  Use a palm-size amount of cleanser •  Cleanse the entire scalp and hair working from the roots to ends. •  Rinse •  Repeat a  second time using the  EXT  Spa Massager working the massager front to the back of the head in a circular motion, leaving the cleanser on your hair and scalp for at least 1-2 minutes. •  Rinse thoroughly.

    Step 2. Scalp & Follicle Enzyme Cleanser •  Spray  Scalp and  Enzyme  Cleanser directly onto the scalp. •  Gently massage into your scalp using your fingertips. •  Do not rinse.

    Step 3. Conditioner •  Use a palm-size amount of conditioner.       •  Apply conditioner starting at the ends of your hair, working your way up to the roots.
                -  Product should be in the hair, not on the scalp •  Using the  EXT  Spa  Massager massage the conditioner throughout your hair allowing the conditioner to penetrate your hair shafts. Leave the conditioner on for 5-7 minutes. •  Rinse thoroughly.


    Step 4. Hair Regrowth Treatment (in concentrations of 2% or 5% Minoxidil) •  Apply  1  mL.  of  Minoxidil to the thinning areas on your scalp, releasing one drop at a time. •  After applying each drop,  lightly tap and rub the solution into your scalp. •  Allow drying for 1-2 minutes. •  Apply twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.  

    Step 5. Hair Revitalizing Complex
    •  Take one tablet, two times daily, with a full glass of water, preferably with food.  

    Step 6. At-Home Laser Treatment
    •  Use laser therapy based on instructions.

  • Is this the Men's EXT® Hair Regrowth At Home Treatment Kit is intended for frontal baldness too? Cuz had Rogaine and it wasn't even intended for frontal baldness like I thought it was...

    EXT Hair Regrowth at home Kit contains minoxidil, which is proven to regrow hair.  The kit will help to regrow hair anywhere that hair follicles exist, but the process takes between 4-6 months to see measurable results.


    For someone who has already tried Rogaine and not seen results, our best answer is that we would recommend you speak with one of our hair health experts. We offer free in-person or video consultations, so they can speak with you and help address your personal hair health needs and goals. Without understanding your specific situation, it’s difficult to make the right recommendation for your goals.


    For over 40-years, our hair loss experts have helped over half-a-million clients regrow, replace and restore their hair. No matter what stage of loss you’re experiencing, we’re here to help personalize a solution for you.


    You can learn more about our hair regrowth solutions here:

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