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Maxxam® Hair Reconstructor (10 oz.)
Robert Kaszycki (St Louis, US)
Hair reconstructor

Great product, what can I say , I'd put it on top on all Maxxam products, and I've been using them for quite a few years now , can't imagine not having it for my hair system

Hair Support Acceler8 Booster 4 Oz.
Barbara Sansone (Santa Barbara, US)
Love this stuff

I had lost the hair all around my widows peak. And other areas around my hairline. It was scary. This changed everything. It doesn’t leave any residue on your hair or scalp. It just works. Slow but sure.

Too loud and battery dies too quickly

The device seems to be good, but the battery dies after only a few uses. Plus it’s way too loud when it turns on and off. I don’t want to announce to everyone that I’m using it :(

Maxx-Hold Hair System Adhesive
Natalie Bailey (Toronto, CA)
3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

It hold ok but I thought it would a hold on more stronger

Hair Support Stimul8 Shampoo 10 Oz.
Jeanne Waldron (Syracuse, US)

Great product for thinning and fine hair

The Maxbond Strips are easy to work with holds well and breathable. Dermatology friendly no skin irritations. Low to no residue for seven days of constant use. I personally change out the strips every seven days. Easy cleanup with no goo.

Hair Support Acceler8 Booster 4 Oz.
Joyce Young (Apex, US)
Hair Acceler8 Booster

This inquiry came too soon for a review of the product. I have only started using it for a week. Clearly this is not enough time to rate how it works.

Maxxam® Moisturizing Conditioner (10 oz.)
five star

excellent conditioner

Maxx-Hold Hair System Adhesive
Juan Nunez (San Diego, US)
Way to thick

As far as a remember the Maxx hold use to be more liquidity and way easier to use now is way to thik looks like is drying out and impossible to apply sooo messy 👎👎

Maxx-White Hair System Adhesive
Dorothy Komestat (Rockville, US)
No good

Wrong product

EXT Trial Size Kit 3 Pieces
Mellissa naylor (Tunkhannock, US)

I really like it ,the shampoo is my favorite it lathers real nice and feels good and the smell is fantastic,I'm not to sure about the conditioner it doesn't really leave my hair manageable or soft and I've been using the treatment regularly so we will see how that goes .I did order more to give it some time for use and because I do like it ty.

Maxx-Hold Hair System Adhesive
Lisa Williams (Richland, US)
Astronomical hair adhesive

I have never been so greatly satisfied with hair adhesive until hair club introduced me to MAXX-HOLD hair system adhesive. I have tried many , many hair adhesive products that would hold up to sweating ,brushing and actually keep my front lace wigs in place , nothing worked. Ladies and gentle men I guarantee you without any doubt that this MAXX-HOLD will 100 percent work and Hair Club , I salute you all. You've made me complete.

Ultra-Hold Tape Contours and Minis Hair System Tape
theodore Derigiotis (Pompano Beach, US)

Work great in Ocean swimming all day, No Worries 👍

Hair Support Trial Size Kit 3PC
PJ Jones (Hamilton, US)
Too soon to tell

I have only been using this for a couple of weeks, every other day. I like the way my hair feels. Soft and manageable. I can't tell if it's working to create regrowth yet or not, but it does make my hair look nice.


I'm working to research these ingredients. I was told it does have dht blockers but never heard that it affects hormones when I asked... however, it appears it is messing with mine. Dht does have to do with hormones and this product has caused female problems for me.

Great product

It's actually a great product . It matches my hair color and texture. I'll order it again.

Maxx-Hold Hair System Adhesive
John Moses (Kailua-Kona, US)
I did not receive my order, where is it?

I’m still waiting for order, I have been trying to contact you but my emails gets rejected, was I scammed

Hair Support Density 3 Piece bundle
Ryann Hunter (Germantown, US)
Love this product !!

I cannot say how much I love this product! I recently received a trial pack of this three piece set & I have already noticed a huge difference in my hair strength. I have used so many other products trying to grow & strengthen my hair after years of dying it & most of the products made my hair feel fuller after using it but it never lasted (like a volumizer that lasted until I washed it out), but with this product, your hair stays strong even after you wash it out, you can feel the difference in your hair, it’s so much fuller & looks incredible! Love this product and I’m so grateful I was able to try it out, I will definitely be purchasing now! Thank you hair support!

Hair Support Density 3 Piece bundle
Jessica Marmion (Indianapolis, US)
Love this product!

I have been using hairclub products for years now but this one will be my go to from now on. I LOVE the scent! Like all the hairclub products it leaves my hair and scalp very clean and light weight. It is pricey which is the only downfall.

Hair Support Stimul8 Shampoo 10 Oz.
Jose Colon, (Cambridge, US)
Good products

The hair products are good, it gives stability to my scalp, is better than using nothing.

Maxxam® Hair & Scalp Mender (8 oz.)
Marvin Delgado (Valencia, US)

Love it


The product is ok, but shipping is always a problem. the bottles were in a plastic bag inside the box, but leaked as usual. When I order frontal tape, they always come gooey and stuck together. I asume they get too hot during shipping.

Slow mail service and charged way too much. Never again!!!!

Would be a good value for the 33.8oz size like in the salon, but NOT for this dinky little bottle. Got fooled so won’t make the same mistake twice!!!!!!

Hair Support Stimul8 Shampoo 10 Oz.
Margarita Rodriguez (Fort Lauderdale, US)

Hair Support Stimul8 Shampoo 10 Oz.

Too thick

Way too thick and tenacious Applicator was glommed up and stringy. Impossible to apply thin layer. Mad a mess