EXT Density 3 Piece Bundle With EXT Spa Scalp Massager

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EXT Density 3 Piece Bundle With EXT Spa Scalp Massager


  • Contains triple action DHT blockers to help combat thinning hair
  • Includes Peppermint oil which may help increase circulation, bringing nutrients and oxygen to your hair follicles
  • Light-activated ingredient compliments HairMax laser hair growth treatment
  • Encourages a healthy hair growth cycle
  • Instantly thickens to provide lift
  • Low pH for gentle exfoliation and to help strengthen the scalp’s protective barrier
  • 4 fl oz/118 ml

This super charged formula contains anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and energy enhancers crucial for a healthy hair cycle. In addition, our light-activated ingredient helps combat environmental damage, transforming thinning hair into thicker, fuller looking hair.


  • Adds visible body and volume to hair
  • Supports hair strength and defends against breakage
  • Improves manageability, combability and detangling
  • Lower pH formula gently exfoliates and strengthens the scalp’s natural protective barrier
  • Fortifies hair cuticles
  • 10 fl oz/300 ml
  • Eucalyptus Clove Scent

Our thirst-quenching formula infuses the hydration your thinning hair craves. It helps prevent breakage and protects your hair from damage caused by heat, styling and environmental stress. Sealing in essential nutrients, this hair rejuvenating formula fortifies each strand, leaving your hair looking fuller, healthier and stronger.


  • Clears away and reduces build-up
  • Gently cleanses without stripping essential oils
  • Fortifies hair cuticles
  • Combats oxidative stress for anti-aging
  • pH balanced
  • 10 fl oz/300 ml
  • Eucalyptus Clove Scent

The moisture binding properties prepare the scalp to receive the liposome encapsulated active ingredients, allowing for optimal delivery into the hair follicle. A unique blend of aromatic essential oils delights the senses and invigorates your scalp for a clean and refreshing experience.

EXT Spa Scalp Massager

The EXT SPA is a hand held scalp massager:
• The Device has 4 rubber massage heads , each with finger like
nodes that rotate in a soothing motion replicating 2800
touches every minute and stimulating 70 pressure points on
the scalp.

  • Massaging effects with “EXT spa”
  • The coordinated, precise movements deliver a stimulating massage to your clients scalp and head.
  • The massager’s waterproof design makes it safe to use on wet hair and in combination with Conditioning Elixirs.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize; wash after each use and wipe with a barbicide or isopropyl alcohol wipe.
  • EXT Spa removes toxins from the hair by pulling excess natural oil out of the follicles.  The four heads rotate in different directions to stimulate pressure points.
  • The massaging motion helps to remove excess oil pools from the scalp that can create a cement like barrier around the follicle
  • The removal of excess oil from within the follicle aids the cleansers and enzymes in creating the best growing environment for hair


  • Promotes an optimal environment for healthier hair
  • Creating this optimal environment can stimulate hair growth and result in stronger hair shafts
  • Relaxes the neck and scalp muscles
  • Increases scalp circulation*

* Increased blood flow to the follicle is essential in stopping the
miniaturization process.

What we don’t include is as important as what we do.

User Study Claims:

Study users stated that they are not losing as much hair since using ACCELER8®*

Study users said their hair looks healthier & their hair feels revitalized*

Study users felt that their hair looked thicker*

Study users said that their hair felt stronger and less brittle*



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Sandy Cohen (West Palm Beach, US)

Funny after not going for treatment for 6 months no one ever reached out after I was s client for over 3 yrs. Now you want a review. Customer service not professional

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