EXT Hair Regrowth Laser Cap by HairClub

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EXT Laser Cap | Laser Hair Growth System with Low Level Laser (light) Therapy (LLLT) | FDA Cleared, Stimulates Hair Growth, Regrow, Add Density, Get Thicker, Fuller Hair. Advanced Hair Loss Therapy Treatment.

FDA CLEARED & CLINICALLY-PROVEN TECHNOLOGY: Laser Diodes, not LEDs.  LLLT is the only non-drug FDA cleared treatment option for the treatment of hair loss. The EXT Laser Cap is as an effective and safe treatment for hereditary hair loss (identified by overall thinning hair, a receding hairline and pattern baldness). Now, you can regrow your hair at home or on-the-go with this laser device.

PROMOTES NATURAL HAIR GROWTH: The EXT Laser Cap is clinically proven to promote hair growth for men and women naturally. The 81 diode lasers generate 405mW Total Output. Lasers are spread throughout the cap to optimally cover the entire scalp area. Effective hair improvement in first 12 to 24 weeks. (results may vary).

EXT LASER : Intended for treatment of androgenic alopecia (hereditary) hair loss in men and women represented on the Norwood-Hamilton classifications chart (Men) and the Ludwig-Savin chart (Female), and those with lighter skin tones as defined by the Fitzpatrick Classification of Skin Types chart. See product images for hair loss levels and skin types charts. You can use the EXT Laser81 on all hair types: light or dark, dyed or natural, straight or curly, long or short.

EASY TO USE & CONVIENT:  30 minutes, 3 times a week is all it takes. Safe & Effective for Men and Women. Wear the laser cap while doing your favorite activities, and it shuts itself off automatically. Using this laser cap is comfortable and effortless.

Manufacturer’s warranty: Comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s warranty. 


Other info:

Recommended usage: 30 minutes 3 x per week

What’s Inside:

  • EXT Laser Cap
  • Sports Cap Shell
  • Controller/ Battery Pack
  • Universal AC Adapter


Stimulate New Hair Growth
Activate Hair Follicles
Reverse Thinning Process
Increase Hair Density and Fullness
Restore hair growth cycle


*results may vary

HOW DOES LLLT (low level laser therapy) WORK?

LLLT, also called photobiomodulation, utilizes a pencil-like beam of electromagnetic waves. A single frequency and defined wavelength to promote stimulation of epidermal stem cells in the hair follicle bulge and shifting the follicles into anagen (growth) phase.


Not recommended for heads larger than 22 in. (55.88 cm) in circumference


Ask a Question
  • What is the size of the cap using a more common measurement? 7 1/2? 7 3/4?

    EXT Laser Caps are size 7

  • Will this address baby fine hair to increase thickness of individual follicles?

    Yes, so long as there are living hair folicles in the area of concern a laser cap can help increase hair thickness.

  • Is this a new product is it the lowest level laser power

    Yes, this is a new product, but it is not the lowest level laser device we offer. If you are interested in a lower level laser device please consider either one of our HairClub Laser Combs or the HairClub Laser Band 41.

  • How does the EXT cap compare with the Capillus? Similar number of “diodes” but Capillus must be used daily?

    Both laser caps should be used for a similar total amount of time. The difference is that Capillus recommends using their laser caps every day but for only 6 minutes.  Hairclub recommends using the EXT Laser Cap several times a week for 30 minutes.

  • What is the wavelength of the lasers used in the cap?

    The wavelength for the EXT Laser Cap is 650nM +/-5nM.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
federico zaragoza (Elko, US)
Too Early to tell, but looks great.

Easy to use, but too early to see results.

T.S. (Washington, US)
EXT Hair Regrowth Cap

I love that you can walk around and do other things while using this cap. You are not restricted to one location for 30 minutes.

Katherine Borja (Tampa, US)
Estoy viendo resultados

Adquiri el laser hace 35 dias y lo he usado de la manera que explican, junto con los demas productos (Shampo, acondicionador, suero y vitaminas) de la linea para evitar la caida y recuperacion capilar, ya veo resultados, igualmente estoy tomando colageno, pero hasta ahora estoy a gusto con el resultado mi caida de cabello a mermado muchisimo.

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