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EXT Spa Scalp Massager

EXT Spa Scalp Massager

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The EXT SPA is a hand held scalp massager:
• The Device has 4 rubber massage heads , each with finger like
nodes that rotate in a soothing motion replicating 2800
touches every minute and stimulating 70 pressure points on
the scalp.

• Massaging effects with “EXT spa”
• The coordinated, precise movements deliver a stimulating
massage to your clients scalp and head.
• The massager’s waterproof design makes it safe to use on wet
hair and in combination with Conditioning Elixirs.
• Easy to clean and sanitize; wash after each use and wipe with
a barbicide or isopropyl alcohol wipe.

• EXT Spa removes toxins from the hair by pulling excess natural oil out of the
follicles. The four heads rotate in different directions to stimulate pressure
• The massaging motion helps to remove excess oil pools from the scalp that
can create a cement like barrier around the follicle
• The removal of excess oil from within the follicle aids the cleansers and
enzymes in creating the best growing environment for hair


• Promotes an optimal environment for healthier hair • Creating this optimal environment can stimulate hair growth and result in stronger hair shafts • Relaxes the neck and scalp muscles • Increases scalp circulation* * Increased blood flow to the follicle is essential in stopping the miniaturization process.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dorothy (Marion, US)
Replacement tip covers

I Love my Massager, I have had it t for over a year,I see new growth my ball spots🤗.ohscalp feels refreshed when the10 minutes end, But my tip covers (silicone)needs replacement,Where and how do I get replacement parts for the massager tip?HELP

Karen Williams (Phoenix, US)
Hair massager

I love my massager. Have had it for a year and no problems whatsoever. Great product.

Brittany (Boston, US)
Battery constantly dies

I was so excited when this product arrived. However, I was quick to realize that the good feeling of using this product lasts about 1-2 minutes at best and then will take forever to charge. I left it in the holder charging for 2 days and tried to use it again and it died in 30 seconds. Very disappointed

Tanya Brackson (The Bronx, US)

Love it is like a person hair message

james ash (Conroe, US)

Works as intended. No issues