Capillus Laser Caps Help Hair Regrow & Treat Hair Loss

Wear just 6 minutes a day for safe, effective, drug-free treatment of hair loss.




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How Capillus Works to Regrow Hair

Capillus laser therapy is recommended within our physician network. This FDA-cleared treatment is clinically proven to regrow thinning hair and prevent further progression of hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia (pattern balding). For only 6 minutes of use per day, Capillus laser therapy caps utilize safe, low level lasers to stimulate, energize, and renew cells within the hair follicle for thicker, healthier hair.


Lasers for Hair Regrowth

410 mW Total Output


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$91 / mo


Lasers for Hair Regrowth

1010 mW Total Output


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pay over time

$181 / mo


Lasers for Hair Regrowth

1360 mW Total Output


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pay over time

$271 / mo


Lasers for Hair Regrowth



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pay over time

$316 / mo

Based on 464 reviews
EXT Spa Scalp Massager
Karen Williams (Phoenix, US)
Hair massager

I love my massager. Have had it for a year and no problems whatsoever. Great product.

Maxx-Hold Roll Hair System Tape
Debra Phillips (Howard, US)

Maxx-Hold Roll Hair System Tape

Doesn’t work

Caused a lot of damage to my scalp and caused a lot of flakes

Ordered tapes

Everything went well and I received my order in good timing. Tapes are expensive and I have to pay shipping charges.

Hair Support Acceler8 Booster 4 Oz.
John Delaney (Buffalo, US)
Not happy sent expiring product

Your company sent me 10 bottles of expiring products.
I spent $127.50 of my hard earned money so I should get a full refund plus your company pay the shipping costs right, wrong.
I was duped,unfair business practices.
Your co. says they will call me ,not one call.
Your co. Stopped all email chatter also.
I am going on Instagram, you tube , X, and tell everyone I know that your company can't be trusted because you will not stand for integrity and justice, all I want is a free return, and this stops.

Have not used the tape yet. I do like that it is 6 inches long.

No good

This glue is expensive I don’t think for the price is worth it ghostbond was better

Maxxam® Groom Pomade (2 oz.)
Alberto Medina (El Centro, US)

Best for hair

keratin hair building fibers

These are great and so much better than those powders on the market that you manage to get all over your clothes.

EXT® Hair Revitalizing Complex (8 oz.)
Cindy Sirles (Baldwin City, US)

It seems to be working for me.

Maxxam® Thermal Styling Spray (6 oz.)
Carol Smith (Nicholasville, US)

Maxxam® Thermal Styling Spray (6 oz.)

Maxxam® Crème Rinse Detangler (10 oz.)
Francisco Albino (Buffalo, US)

Maxxam® Crème Rinse Detangler (10 oz.)

Hair Support Stimul8 Shampoo 10 Oz.
Rene Bueno (Anaheim, US)

Hair Support Stimul8 Shampoo 10 Oz.

Walker Blue Lace Front Contours and Minis Hair System Tape


I've been using Accelerator Booster for about a week and my hair seems to be nicer, not so limp. I'll keep using it

Hair Support Density 3 Piece bundle
Ellen Shourd (Chesterfield, US)
Booster Problems

Bundle arrived ok, Shampoo & Conditioner work fine. However, booster does not foam and makes my hair dry; natural color fades/dulls from it.

Hair Support Acceler8 Booster 4 Oz.
Judy Clark (Pittsburgh, US)
Love it!

Started using shampoo also. It really helped my hair look a little fuller. Booster spray is helping too.


It’s amazing! I don’t go anywhere without it!

Maxxam® Moisturizing Conditioner (10 oz.)
Linda Wheeler (Cincinnati, US)
Moisturizing Conditioner

I really like this product, it leaves my hair very soft and manageable.

Hair Support Trial Size Kit 3PC
Rene Bueno (Los Angeles, US)

Hair Support Trial Size Kit 3PC

Trax Citrus Solvent

Works very well, but is extra oily and I have found I need to wash my hair 4 times to remove all the solvent and make my hair soft again.

Maxxam® Hair Reconstructor (10 oz.)
Robert Kaszycki (St Louis, US)
Hair reconstructor

Great product, what can I say , I'd put it on top on all Maxxam products, and I've been using them for quite a few years now , can't imagine not having it for my hair system

EXT Spa Scalp Massager
Brittany (Boston, US)
Battery constantly dies

I was so excited when this product arrived. However, I was quick to realize that the good feeling of using this product lasts about 1-2 minutes at best and then will take forever to charge. I left it in the holder charging for 2 days and tried to use it again and it died in 30 seconds. Very disappointed

Hair Support Acceler8 Booster 4 Oz.
Barbara Sansone (Santa Barbara, US)
Love this stuff

I had lost the hair all around my widows peak. And other areas around my hairline. It was scary. This changed everything. It doesn’t leave any residue on your hair or scalp. It just works. Slow but sure.

Too loud and battery dies too quickly

The device seems to be good, but the battery dies after only a few uses. Plus it’s way too loud when it turns on and off. I don’t want to announce to everyone that I’m using it :(