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Q: Why is my hair getting thinner?

A: Hair loss may be due to a number of factors, including genetics, age, poor nutrition and certain medical conditions or treatments. In cases where you have more than one contributing factor, the cumulative effect can be more severe hair loss.

Q: Is it normal to lose hair every day?

A: Yes. The average person sheds between 50-100 hairs a day.

Q: What is the leading cause of hair loss?

A: The most common cause of hair loss in both men and women is androgenetic alopecia, meaning it’s hereditary. Androgenetic alopecia can come from either side of the family.

Q: What is the second most common reason for hair loss?

A: After genetic hair loss, the second most common reason men and women lose their hair is age. Since hair loss can be a natural part of the aging process, most medical professionals do not consider it to be a problem.


Q: Who would be considered an optimal candidate for laser hair regrowth?

A: Anyone who is in the beginning stages of hair loss. Someone undergoing EXT along with someone who still had hair at the top shaving it tight for RestorINK.

Q:Will using a laser cap help regrow my hair?

A: It will help enhance your existing foundation, if you are in the entry level of hair loss, yes the laser will re-grow hair when used properly.

Q: What is low level light therapy (LLLT)?

A: The ability lasers have to stimulate the blood flow within the scalp.

Q: How does the laser light go through hair?

A: Because of the type of lasers, they are able to photo bathe through the hair into the 3 levels of skin.

Q: How can I tell if I have active hair follicles on my head?

A: Where hair is growing is where the active follicles are located below the surface of the scalp.

Q: Are there limited warranties on the laser devices?

A: Yes. The offered warranties differ by brand. HairClub laser devices come with a 2 year warranty. EXT Caps come with a 1 year warranty. The Capillus Ultra and battery pack come with a 1 year warranty. All other Capillus caps come with a 2 year warranty.

Q: Will my hair start shedding after I start using a laser cap?

A: No, this will help continue the growth cycle enhancing the performance of the hair strand.

Q: Will I need to prep my hair in any way before using a laser device?

A: No. You just place the device on your head and use for the directed time frame.

Q: Will I have to use this laser device indefinitely to get permanent results?

A: Yes. If you have the DHT gene, hair loss will always be present below when not doing something about it. With that said, by utilizing the laser it will help enhance the blood flow corresponding with healthy hair growth.

Q: Can I use laser therapy if I have hair extensions or weaves?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I use a laser cap after getting hair transplant surgery?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it safe to use the Capillus laser cap in conjunction with other hair loss medications, like minoxidil?

A: Yes.

Q: Are Capillus lasers safe for women?

A: Yes.

Q: Are laser caps effective on color treated hair?

A: Yes.

Q: Can my eyes be damaged if I look directly into the red laser light?

A: Not when in treatment. Do not turn the device on and stare into the lasers, but when placed on your scalp it will photo bathe and then turn off when treatment is finished.

Q: Can laser caps cause or aggravate skin cancer?

A: Please consult your doctor.

Q: Should I dry my hair after washing it, before using a laser device?

A: Your hair should being more dry than damp to use your laser device.

Q: Which Shampoos are best to use with a Laser Device?

A: Our Maxxam or EXT line. We have our Stimulating Shampoo, Conditioner and scalp treatment.

Q: Can you use a laser cap if you are taking over the counter medicine?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it ok to use the Laser Device more frequently than suggested?

A: It’s only suggested to use as per the recommended directions.


Q: Does the Maxxam® Volumizing Shampoo actually make your hair grow in thicker or just it just appears thicker?

A: Maxxam Volumizing Shampoo is a lightweight formula that gently cleanses and plumps up limp hair strands. It does not make hair grow in thicker. Use daily to increase body, shine and manageability.

Q: Where are Maxxam products made?

A: Maxxam products are made in China.

Q: Can I use Maxxam products as often as I like?

A: Most Maxxam products can be used daily, except for the Clarifying Shampoo and Reconstructor. Use the Clarifying Shampoo and Reconstructor weekly. The directions on how to use can be found on the product pages and are printed on the bottle.

Q: How can I check if a product contains an ingredient I want to avoid?

A: All ingredients are listed on the back of the bottle. You can also check the individual product page on

Q: Are your products tested on animals?

A: Never.

Q: What is the shelf life of your wetline products?

A: Each product has a different shelve life. It is printed on the bottle for your convenience.

Q: Can I use Maxxam products on keratin/color treated hair? 

A: Yes! Our products are sulfate free and can help maintain your chemical service.

Q: Are your products safe to use when pregnant or nursing?

A: Yes, our Maxxam Shampoos, Conditioners and Styling Products are safe to use for pregnant and nursing moms.

Q: Are Maxxam products gluten free?

A: Some Maxxam products do contain gluten. Please check ingredients.

Q: What makes Maxxam better than other hair care products?

A: Maxxam products are specially formulated to keep your hair healthy while achieving your desired style. We stay away from harsh chemicals that are known to cause damage. Our special blend of ingredients leaves you hair healthy and strong.


Q: Are there other product similar to the EXT Density line?

A: Yes, customers who use EXT Density will be very satisfied with the Hair Support Density line of products. Hair Support Density products have all the benefits of EXT Density products and can be found in all of the same categories.

Q: What gelatin is used in the EXT® Hair Revitalizing Complex capsules?

A: We are soon going to have a plant based capsule.  Currently we have bovine based capsule.

Q: How long on average does it take to start seeing a difference in hair growth when using EXT® Hair Revitalizing Complex?

A: Because hair growth occurs in stages, the appearance of thicker hair is usually seen after 4-6 months.

Q: How much of each EXT product should I apply when I use them?

A: Apply a quarter sized amount of product on average.  You may use more or less depending on your hair density and length.

Q: How long should I leave each EXT product in my hair?

A: The shampoo should be applied, lathered, then rinsed out (2x).  The conditioner should be rinsed after 5 minutes and the booster is a leave in treatment.

Q: Do I need to use EXT products every day to see positive results?

A: Using EXT products daily provide the best results.

Q: How was the study mentioned in EXT product descriptions conducted?

A: The study was a 42 day independent consumer study with 105 participants using EXT Density STIMUL8® Shampoo, EXHILAR8® Conditioner and the ACCELER8® Hair Booster 3 days per week.

Q: How does the EXT Acceler8 Booster work?

A: The cutting edge leave in booster contains a light activated active ingredient and multiple sources of energy for your hair. The booster directly targets the hair and skin transforming into fuller, thicker hair.


Q: Do you carry waterproof adhesives?

A: Both waterproof and non-waterproof adhesive options are available.

Q: What is the difference between the different kinds of Walker tapes?

A: Adhesive strips vary based on multiple factors including skin type, longevity of hold, lifestyle, amount of existing hair, and shape.

Q: Which tape size will cover the most area on my scalp?

A: Both Sensi-Tak and Mini's are able to cover the same area on your scalp.  The difference will be in which shape you're using and the amount of strips it will take to cover the area.  The biggest difference in these adhesive strip options will be the longevity of the hold.

Q: Do all liquid adhesives work the same?

A: No. Be sure to look at the description for suggested holding times which may vary depending on client’s chemical composition.

Q: What is the difference between Red and Blue adhesive tape?

A: Red adhesive is designed for systems that have a polyurethane band and blue adhesive are for lace technologies.  There is also a difference is the longevity of the hold.  Blue adhesive is designed to last longer.

Q: What is a solvent?

A: Solvents are designed to be used for easy cleaning of old adhesive. Trax Organic Citrus Solvent is an oil-based solvent used for tough removals and Trax Clear Lace Solvent is alcohol based for quick easy release of adhesive.  There are other popular solvents including and Trax D-Solve.


Q: Can the hair length on a wig be adjusted?

A: Yes. Any professional hairstylist can trim and cater your new wig to fit your style.

Q: Will I be able to color my wig?

A: If your wig is synthetic it will be unable to take color, however all our human hair wigs can be colored to desire color.

Q: Are the wigs adjustable

A: Yes. You can adjust wigs to properly fit your head.

Q: Will I need to shampoo my wig?

A: Yes. It is recommended that you shampoo your wigs with a gentle cleanser such as MAXXAM Shampoo and Conditioner. For Synthetic wigs it is recommended to purchase a wig product kit.

Q: What are the differences between human hair and synthetic hair? 

A: Human hair comes from human hair. Synthetic hair is made from three main types of chemicals: polyester, acrylic, and polyvinyl chloride. They are used alone or blended to create the likeness of human hair.

Q: What should I keep in mind about heat-friendly synthetic hair?

A: In addition to the care instructions provided with each item, we have created a number of how to videos on our YouTube channel.  Please visit our YouTube channel for specific care instructions.

Q: What is a lace front wig?

A: Lace Front wigs have a lace that sits directly on your forehead which provides a natural flow from forehead to wig line.

Q: How do I figure out my wig size?

A: Our wigs are one size with adjustable straps. To find your wig size please visit our Salon Locator to find an authorized retailer around your area.

Q: How should I go about choosing a wig color?

A: Wigs have different color options based on the style.  On the websites the colors available are featured along side each wig.

Q: What wig choice is best for a sensitive scalp?

A: The Amore collection was created for customers with hair loss and sensitive scalps.

Q: Should I own more than one wig?

A: Some people wear different styles and like to switch up their wigs regularly while others wear the same wig daily.  It would be advised to have 2 if wearing the same style daily so that you can cleanse and allow time to dry while still having one to wear.

Q: Do your wigs come pre-styled?

A: Yes, synthetic wig styles will be set and are not meant to be changed. Human hair wigs can be restyled easily.

Q: How can I best make a wig look like natural hair?

A: Using dry shampoo can help eliminate shine for synthetic hair wigs. You can use leave in spray and hairspray as well to help manipulate the hair into a natural style. The lace hairline option is also a great feature to make a wig look more natural.

Q: How long will my wig last?

A: Depends on how often you wear the wig and how often you wash the wig. If you take care of your wig regularly the wig will last 6-9 months.

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