Strand Builder Fiber Spray Applicator


The Strand BuilderTM Spray Applicator is a patented tool that makes application of Strand BuilderTM hair building fibers easy.  The spray applicator allows for precision application of fibers to get that perfect hairline, edging, and even distribution in hard to reach areas.


The spray applicator easily attaches to the Strand BuilderTM hair building fibers bottle to enable you to get the look you want!



Ask a Question
  • Will this help with thin weak hair?

    Yes! Strand Builder uses organic keratin fibers that statically cling to your existing hair to thicken it. Strand Builder works for all hair types, even thin hair, and you can use hair spray to lock the fibers into place. Also using the Strand Builder Fiber Spray Applicator is the best way to evenly apply the keratin fibers.

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